Gutter Cleaning Service in Bend OR

Our gutter cleaning service includes a full flush

Having your gutters cleaned is a crucial component of the annual maintenance of your home.  Between snow in the winter and rain in the shoulder seasons, gutters in Bend can get pretty clogged.  Clogs lead to backups, and backups lead to expensive repairs.

At Maid In Central Oregon we are proud to offer thorough and professional gutter cleaning services for Bend and all of Central Oregon

Get Your Gutters Cleaned Annually

Your gutters are an important part of keeping moisture from rain and snowfall from entering your home.  They collect water and funnel it to the downspouts which direct it away from the foundation of your home.

Clogs from leaves, pine cones, pine straw or other debris regularly gets stuck in the gutters and needs to be removed.  If not, the water will eventually find it’s way into your home.  And THAT means expensive repairs.

The beautiful outdoors and trees that are the reason that so many people move to Bend are the biggest culprits in clogging your homes drainage system.  We carefully remove all limbs, straw, leaves, and whatever else we find to ensure that your houses gutter system performs the way it was designed.

Our services include scooping out all of the debris from all the gutters and hauling it away.  Then we test everything by running water through them to ensure there are no additional clogs in the downspouts.

We also offer exterior window washing.

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