How to Get Spotless Windows Every Time

using a squeegee to clean windows

Getting Your Windows Clean

Bend Oregon is known for it's breathtaking views of the Cascades Mountains.  But the high winds of the spring and summer months can wreak havoc with your view by constantly applying a film of dirt to your windows.

The best solution is to find a local company that offers professional window cleaning services to keep your windows (and your view) pristine and clear.

At Maid in Central Oregon we offer professional window cleaning in Bend Oregon and surrounding areas.  We offer both residential and commercial services.  Our cleaners get into all the hard to reach places making your view as spectacular as ever.

Spotless Windows Every Time

  1. ​Creating your own homemade window cleaning solution is really quite simple.  With just water and dishwashing soap you can get even the most stubborn dirt and debris off.  Some things like dried up bugs or other material might require something tougher like a window scraper, but for most jobs this cleaning solution will work wonders.
  2. ​Once your solution is ready it's time to get started.  Using clean cloth, apply the solution evenly to the glass.  Scrub any areas that require more attention.  Then use a squeegee to remove all of the cleaner.  Start at one side and work directly across to the other.  Make sure to apply even pressure to ensure the squeegee staying in contact with the window surface at all times.
  3. Using a dry towel make sure to get all of the water and solution from the bottom of the window.  Now you're finished.

Cleaning Interior Windows

​Cleaning windows on the inside of your home or business is vastly easier than the outside.  And the process of cleaning is exactly the same.

One of the best materials to use for cleaning is a micro fiber cloth.  This type of cloth insures that even the smallest dirt and debris is completely removed.  

Starting at the top of the window, wash all the way to the bottom.   Using a motion like a "Z" work your way from the top to the bottom.  Newspapers or another microfiber towel is the best way to dry the window.  

Squeegees are  not ideal for inside the home as they tend to drip water all over the work area.​

Cleaning Exterior Windows

Exterior windows are much more difficult to clean.  They are often much more difficult to reach and often are much dirtier, especially those located near gutters that overflow.  But the difference in the view after a thorough cleaning is amazing.

Unless your luck and all of your windows are at the ground level you'll most likely have to use a ladder to get to all of your exterior windows.  If you're not comfortable with this you're probably better off hiring a professional window cleaning service.

When working out outside windows you'll definitely want to use a squeegee.  This allows you to work much more quickly and efficiently.  It's best to practice on windows at the ground level to perfect your technique.