A Must Hit List of Bend Oregon Restaurants

food from the sparrow bakery in Bend

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Bend Oregon every year for the wonderful outdoor activities that are available year round.  Everyone knows about the incredible mountain bike trails, the amazing skiing on Mt Bachelor, and the hundreds of miles of hiking trails that crisscross this area of the Cascade mountains.

But did you know that Bend is also home to some of the best food in the entire state?  You can literally eat as well here as you can in much larger towns like Portland and San Francisco.  We’re going to highlight a few of our favorite spots.  You’ll want to make sure to hit ALL of these on your next visit.

#1.  The Sparrow Bakery

The Sparrow has been a mainstay for locals in Bend since they opened their doors in 2006.  They are known throughout Bend and the world for their amazing pastries.  The Ocean Roll is probably their most famous and most popular seller.  It’s a mix of flakey, buttery croissant dough with cardamom, vanilla, and sugar sprinkled throughout.  It is absolutely divine and goes perfectly with a  cappuccino or latte.

Another one of their popular meals is the bacon breakfast sandwich.  This guy starts with a  made from scratch croissant and then they pile on smoked bacon, aioli, arugula, sliced avocado, and a perfectly poached egg.  It is quite literally the PERFECT breakfast, especially if you’re about to head up to the mountain.

The Sparrow has two locations.  One is in Northwest Crossing, and the other is on the east side of the railway tracks on Scott Street.  You can find them at http://www.thesparrowbakery.net.

#2.  Spork

While it’s name might not sound all that appetizing, Spork is our absolute favorite when it comes to delicious and original food.  One of our favorite meals is their tacos.  They offer three kinds, but the fried fish and carnitas are far and away the best.  The carnitas is piled with shredded radish, cheese, and a bit of lettuce.  The pork is perfectly caramelized with just a bit of spice.  I could literally eat 5 of these in one sitting.  They’re that good.

Our next favorite is the spicy fried chicken.  Not only is it absolutely amazing, it’s also gluten free.  It comes with kimchee and cucumber salad.  They also have a wide variety of specials that they run on a regular basis.  But for good food that is inexpensive and fast you CAN’T beat Spork.

You can find their website here.

#3.  Bontá Gelato

Looking for an amazing dessert experience?  Look no further than Bontá Gelato.  These guys don’t mess around when it comes to making what has quickly become the best ice cream (er gelato) in the state of Oregon. It’s creamy and packed with so much flavor you will be absolutely amazed.  Flavors like vanilla bourbon pecan, salted chocolate, dulce de leche are their best sellers.  And after one taste you’ll know why.

Almost all of their flavors are completely gluten free.  They also avoid using corn syrup in any of their gelatos.  And because so many people have dairy allergies they’ve come up with a whole host of dairy free flavors using organic coconut milk.  These include roasted strawberry, chocolate, and toasted coconut.  You’ll never miss dairy again.

You can find Bontá’s website here.  They are located downtown on Bond street near the Oxford Hotel.

#4.  Lone Pine Coffee

No list would be complete without mentioning a great coffee shop in Bend.  Lone Pine is exactly that. They source all of their beans directly from producers ensuring they receive a fair price for their crops.  The result is a brew that is absolutely perfect.  They are also masters at preparing any type of coffee you can possibly imagine.  Probably the best cappuccino I’ve ever had to date.  Perfect foam every time.

Lone Pine is located in Downtown Bend.

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