Gutter Cleaning Services

Having your gutters cleaned is a crucial component of the annual maintenance of your home.  Between snow in the winter and rain in the shoulder seasons, gutters can get pretty clogged.  Clogs lead to backups, and backups lead to expensive repairs.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters are an important part of keeping moisture from rain and snowfall from entering your home.  They collect water and funnel it to the downspouts.  This ensures that no water collects near the foundation of your home leading to potentially expensive damage.

Our state is blessed with hundreds of varieties of beautiful trees, but many of these are the culprits for clogged gutters.  Leaves, pine cones, and pine straw collects over time and can cause major issues with your gutter system.  Once a clog occurs it’s only a matter of time before water that was on your roof ends up inside your home!

As part of our gutter cleaning service we scoop all of the pine straw, cones, leaves, and other debris from your gutter system.  We then haul it away so you don’t have to deal with it.  We’re also happy to leave it for you to compost should you so choose.

After we’re finished cleaning we then run water through the gutter system to ensure it’s working properly.  This not only ensures proper water flow, but cleans out any remaining debris.

Gutters are an often neglected part of a home, but in the state of Oregon it’s essential to properly maintain them.  With so much moisture throughout the course of the year you can easily end up with VERY expensive repairs if your gutters are not working properly.

We offer free estimates on all jobs.  Simply reach out to us and we will send an estimator to your home to provide you with a quote.  We’re happy to schedule cleanings for late fall and early spring to ensure your home is ready for whatever weather the Pacific Northwest throws at us.

Our Gutter and Roof Cleaning Services

We are also capable of doing minor repair work to your gutters.  Should they get bent by leaves or damaged by snow we can get them back in operational order.  If we’re unable to fix the problem we will bring in trusted partners that have a proven track record of excellent work and reasonable prices.  For more information visit our gutter cleaning in Bend OR page.

Where We Work

Maid in Central Oregon is based in Bend, Oregon but we have recently expanded our services to Portland as well.  We offer the same excellent service and high standards of quality.

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