Eco & Green House Cleaning Portland Oregon

Looking for a Reliable Eco House Cleaner in Portland OR?

Peace of mind is a precious commodity.  And coming home to a clean house at the end of long day at work feels SO good.  At Maid In Central Oregon we specialize in providing unparalleled cleaning service for our clients in the Portland, Oregon area.

But we also know that customer service is as important cleaning your home.  Our maids are meticulously screened and trained to provide the best cleaning service in town, while making sure you feel 100% safe with having them in your home.

After all, your house is not just a house, it’s also your home. Our experienced housekeepers completely understand this.

And at Maid in Central Oregon we are dedicated to providing the best quality in customer service at affordable rates.

All of Our Cleanings Include:

  • All necessary cleaning supplies
  • Checklist to ensure nothing is missed
  • Our cleaners bring green, eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • We carry full Bonding and Liability insurance

At Maid in Central Oregon we are committed to eco-friendly, green cleaning.

All our house cleaners use only non-toxic cleaning products and are very knowledgeable in recommending the best non-toxic cleaning products for specific cleaning needs.

The point of cleaning your house is not to replace bacteria with harmful chemicals and solvents, but to truly clean your house in a safe, responsible manner.  This means that your Portland Oregon kitchen and all its surfaces will be both clean and safe.

Our cleaners even use our own in-house all-natural cleaning products for simple everyday cleaning needs.  A perfect example is the use of tea tree oil.  It offers anti-bacterial powers without the harsh toxins of traditional cleaning products.  it’s a powerful solution for cleaning your kitchen, especially if you have small children.

Green Cleaning in PDX

It’s not only about using non-toxic cleaning products.  We also follow guidelines and cleaning procedures that help reduce the consumption of our planet’s natural resources.  To that end we recycle whenever it’s possible. And we don’t just do this on the job site.  Most of our housekeepers  have attended workshops about recycling, and practice eco-friendly house cleaning in their own homes.

We are proud to help Portland residents protect their house, the air and their health with our green housekeeping services.

Others may charge a fortune for eco-friendly house cleaning. Portland’s Maid In Central Oregon knows that not everybody can afford to spend a lot of money on cleaning services, so the housekeeper can design a personal cleaning program tailored to your wishes and style that suit your needs and budget.

Eco-cleaning is a service we offer to all of our clients throughout the area including Lake Oswego, West Linn, Happy Valley, Southeast Portland and more.