How Much Does Maid Service Cost in Portland Oregon

The hourly rate is an important element when you’re considering hiring a Portland house cleaning service. However, there are considerations other than cost that are just as important. Let’s look, at a few of the things you should be paying close attention to before you settle for that cut-rate cleaning service.

How Much Does Maid Service Cost in Portland, OR

Professional house cleaning rates in Portland Oregon generally fall within a range of $40/hour to $65/hour, per cleaning technician . These rates are consistent across most of the Metro-Portland Area.

Check Their References & Reviews!

Nowadays checking references and reviews is easy.  Want to know how a company performs?  Simply check their reviews on Google, Facebook or some other platform.  This is especially important for maid services and gives you an idea of what people who’ve had their home cleaned think.

Unlike most businesses you work with, when you select a maid service, the people they choose to employ will be working IN YOUR HOUSE.  And since many people work during the day, there might be times when they come into your house while you are not there.

This makes checking their references extremely important.

Even cleaning companies with a solid reputation can struggle to find reliable employees.  It takes time to screen someone when they first come on board to ensure they can be trusted.  In fact, we have a VERY thorough process for screening and hiring our maids.

Low cost cleaners spend very little time performing this crucial step in the hiring process.  There is a reason they have so many poor reviews.  They end up with cleaners who have bounced around from job to job and put very little effort into their work.  But hiring people like this, who are willing to work for lower wages, allows them to charge cut-rate prices.  In the end it is only a disservice to the end customer as they receive poor service.

And worse yet, these employees could be tempted to steal from the customer!

Our maids go through a thorough interview process and then are trained on all of our cleaning processes.

A solid company should follow checklists for making sure nothing get’s missed.  Check out our kitchen cleaning checklist.

Make Sure They Use High Quality Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

There is more to cleaning than just pushing a vacuum cleaner and wiping down toilets. As with any industry, continuous improvements in technology and cleaning products require a commitment in both time and money for a company to stay abreast of the latest advances. This also helps employees get the ongoing training they need.

That seemingly bargain cleaning company may use outdated equipment and have employees who aren’t trained in the current best practices. This helps to keep their cost down.

Portland is a green city.  Safe and eco-friendly cleaning products often cost more than products based on harsh, possibly harmful chemicals. Make sure your prospective cleaning company doesn’t cut corners in these areas or you’re sure to pay later.

Beware Unexpected Additional Job Costs

Are you considering hiring a cleaning service offering below competitive rates?  If so,  beware of the fine print in their proposal. Are they providing you a quote with expected time for all the work?   If they’re charging less than standard house cleaning rates for the Portland Oregon area, you can be sure they’ll be adding some markup somewhere else.

Companies often do this by only including basic cleaning in their proposals.  Then when you ask for things to be done more thoroughly suddenly the price goes up!

Now you’re paying for additional time just to get what thought you were originally purchasing.  This is poor service and poor business all around.

Make sure you read ALL the fine print in any proposal sent to you by a cleaning service.  Ask questions.  And make sure you thoroughly understand what you’re getting.

At Maid In Central Oregon our estimates are clearly laid out and easy to read.  Our maids take pride in providing exceptional service.

Green & Eco Cleaning Solutions in Portland Oregon

When you pay for a house cleaning service, you want to walk into every room and feel as though it was cleaned exactly to your standards.  No more, no less.  At Maid in Central Oregon our cleaners know what is expected of them.  And if you need things even cleaner, we offer options such as deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more.

Certain areas or rooms in your house are used less.  As a result, they don’t need to be cleaned as frequently. You want to make sure the cleaning service offers options for rooms that need less frequent cleaning.  This is perfect for a dining room or formal living room.  Our service allows you to have these rooms cleaned once a mont instead of weekly.

We are proud to offer Green cleaning products.  However, Green cleaning is typically a bit more expensive because of these products.  These prices are reflected in our house cleaning rates in Portland, Oregon.

While Green or eco home cleaning is better for the environment and healthier for you and your family, certifications and green-cleaning products require us to charge higher prices.

Professional Housekeeping & Reasonable Rates

With Maid in Central Oregon’s house cleaning service you’ll get a competitive hourly rate, a list of references, free time estimates, and no surprises.  Extras like custom cleaning and eco-cleaning services are clearly laid out on our proposals so you know EXACTLY what you’re paying for on every visit.

Our Portland team offers professional level services.  Whether you’re looking for one-time, move-out or regular cleaning services our quotes include time, average hours worked by cleaners and more.

Are you ready for a clean home?  Call now for a quote.  (458) 202-2462